Time to get: Filthy, Creepy, and Weird ;)

You just met the coolest person alive. :) The names Chon.! soon to be college veteran :p. Mass Communications major, future Journalist, REAL, this is where I procrastinate. :)



I don’t care what anyone says, this was the best moment on TV ever.

this is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen

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My hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

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All Time Favorite Movies: Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) dir. Hayao Miyazaki

"Sorry, I’ve had enough of running away, Sophie. Now I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you."

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Real tears


This is so amazing it’s pissing me off

I had no choice.

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the gentlemen you meet on tinder

Calm down.

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Facts that will make you feel old Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 

For more facts, make sure you follow Ultrafacts

This is important.


Two funny things

1. She has game. Like A LOT!!!

2. In the show he was literally the technology expert…

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