Time to get: Filthy, Creepy, and Weird ;)

You just met the coolest person alive. :) The names Chon.! soon to be college veteran :p. Mass Communications major, future Journalist, REAL, this is where I procrastinate. :)

Arabic Proverb  (via bl-ossomed)

this is beautiful

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افتح فمك فقط إن كان ما ستقوله أجمل من الصمت
Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.




bringing this back around just in case you’ve had a bad day

my favorite thing about this post being popular is that people like you are using it to cheer other people up, that is rad, thank you for being rad

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so netflix can update its look but it can’t can’t update its tv shows & movies….

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The world stands with Palestine.

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